Soulful Sunday Beach Poetry


Kite Running

Young kite runner

Squealing with delight

Captaining life’s metaphor

Of dips and dives

Careening, climbing

Then plummeting 

Before hope and fortitude

Float you back up 

To soar.
Brown Tide

Hitting the dunes high 

Tempestuous waves

Densely packed 

Spitting out seaweed

No groms or wahines today 

Carving or charging

No surfer dudes lulling 

On the weedy blue

Some days require a filter 

To let the good pour through.


I persevered 

Waiting you out

Certain of your assured arrival

Lying under pillows of darkness

Fleeting torrents of liquid bullets

Pummeling my face

You came ever so slowly

Assuaging the waiting pain

Warmth heralding the rays

That penetrate my soul

That fill me with joy

My paramour, oh sunny day.

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2 Responses to Soulful Sunday Beach Poetry

  1. Elie says:

    Love this!!

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