Beauty Salvaged

Sunday was a restorative “soul day” at the beach. For me that means meditating, doing my yoga, reading, writing and walking. Instead of my favored coquina hearts, on this day I found a bevy of scattered white flowers. A rose here, a lily there, mums, daisies, all strewn about, many ripped from stems, some of which were still connected to roughly torn chunks of green floral foam. A beach wedding perhaps? I thought it slightly strange that they weren’t just petals or even the flowers from a bouquet tossed about in drunken revelry after a night of celebration. No, this my inner detective decided was something else. These flowers and the chunks of foam they used to belong to were ripped apart with fury and a “R rated” tirade. Some were still perfect, not torn or browned. Those called to me and these words came. For even amidst destruction there is beauty to be found. We only have to open our eyes. ❤

Peace and Love


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2 Responses to Beauty Salvaged

  1. yobroop says:

    I love your reasonable imagination and fitting outcome of those flowers. This was a delightful read.

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