Start In Your Own Corner


Start in your own corner

and paint the world beautiful with me.

Use your hands.

Get happy messy,

unsupervised toddler with a pot of paint messy.

Use your hands,

but let your heart guide you.

Mix in all of your brilliance

and tint it with hues of you.

When our colors meet,

which they will,

let’s erase all the hard lines that would separate.

And to those who would say

our palettes don’t match,

we’ll say look down deep,

for therein

lies the light we share.

Let’s join together.

Let’s co-create.

Let’s reflect each other’s light

until we are blissfully blinded by the bright.

Blinded to that which separates.

Start in your own corner

with all the beautiful hues of you. ❤

Peace and Love

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