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Beauty Salvaged

Sunday was a restorative “soul day” at the beach. For me that means meditating, doing my yoga, reading, writing and walking. Instead of my favored coquina hearts, on this day I found a bevy of scattered white flowers. A rose here, … Continue reading

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Start In Your Own Corner

Start in your own corner and paint the world beautiful with me. Use your hands. Get happy messy, unsupervised toddler with a pot of paint messy. Use your hands, but let your heart guide you. Mix in all of your … Continue reading

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There’s No Velvet Rope

“You can sit there and be where joy goes to die or you can come get some.”  Aubrey to Carter on the TV show “American Crime”. On the TV show “American Crime”, the character Aubrey pawns her body and her … Continue reading

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A Message from a Weird Writer Girl

So yes, I still call myself a girl at times. And weird. And a writer. The truth is that I truly feel like I’m 16 much of the time. Not a confused and lonely 16, even though if you went … Continue reading

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4am Love Story

This was a writing prompt response to the picture below. A teeny tiny bit of a much longer love story. This bench was ours, of course it’s belonged to others too, but it was “ours”. Today I sit here alone … Continue reading

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No Deprivation

Pardon the pun, but today has been a really good Friday, with me doing all the things I love; going to the beach, reading and writing. This morning I watched a fisherman catch a Hammerhead shark. I come from a family of … Continue reading

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   Peace and Love

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I Long To Be Your Alchemist

   I Long To Be Your Alchemist I long to be your alchemist and capture the day’s canary yellow rays, to pack them safely away within my smile, for your eyes only,  warming you to the bone. I long to … Continue reading

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