Take My Hand

Take My Hand

Vacant eyes
heavily lidded
with life darkening curtains of sorrow.
where buoys of hope should float
in the pool of one so young.
What pirate ravaged you dear child?
Who poached the cheer from your smile?
When did a ghostly shadow eclipse your hunter’s moon?
Leaving you to flounder in woe
when castles in the air should replace your despair.
Let’s walk dear one,
up a distant dune.
Take my hand and discard the veil of death.
Journey with me where distant horizons await your arrival.
With you I will share my light,
so that your true destiny of joy will no longer go unseen,
and doom will no longer blacken your soul.
Take my hand dear one,
and I will help you excise the legion of demise
that has raped you of joy.
Take my hand dear one,
as the sirens of your past
fall to their death
and angels appear,
guiding your heart back
to the place of plenty
where you belong.

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One Response to Take My Hand

  1. Dad says:

    Love the depth of your thoughts.

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