Your Odds

“May the odds be ever in your favor.” Pretending I’m Katniss Everdeen, I use that line with my 6th grade students before I hand them a Smartie and a test. I thought about that quote while driving to work this morning but with odds in a different context. I thought about “odd” as an descriptive adjective or oddity as a noun referring to those unique qualities that separate you from all the rest of your fellow humans. Your special “odd”, your “youness” trademark, your beautiful, crazy-far from even an independent label selfsong, your imagined color, your not-even-popular- anywhere dance. That
” thing” about you that causes those that know and love you to proclaim, “That’s our_______(insert name)”, and pour joyous laughter out like coffee at an AA meeting, as your own sides ache from self deprecating hysteria. The habit you have of always having a couple of “just in case” MREs (military Meal, Ready to Eat) in your car when you live in the city. There’s no odd in that! The adorable way you combine supernerd and sexy better than Zoey Deschanel and yet your own mirror never tells. The oxymoron of the deep connection you feel to military history and the fact that the only weapon you own is a baseball bat. The fact that you’re a grandparent and you rock purple hair better than Prince did Purple Rain. The way your smile is Ford Models said no, non-symmetrical, crooked and sweetly endearing. The way no one on Earth has ever combined those two styles of clothing and looked so good. The way you eat by color or mood in a paint by number world. The way you’d rather walk on nails than speak to a group and yet you’re oblivious to the passion you ignite and the heads you turn when you do. The way you drink pickle juice and eat the Montreal seasoning right off the raw steak.
While we share so many commonalities, there is exactly and only one of each of us. We are each odd in our own individual and unique ways. Ways that are ours to throw on the table, to spin on, to flip on, to pull the lever down on, to make a bet on, to let it all ride on. When we start owning our “odds” and truly believing in the sum of our parts, the possibilities are not only infinite, but the odds will indeed always be in our favor.

Peace and Love

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