I was determined to write this afternoon. Part of my put your passion first program. Here’s what came out…

Solitary letters strung together,
cemented with heaviness,
or as lithe as a summer breeze,
delivered with power from places of strength,
or transported in a sweat soaked bag of fear
and leaked out through thin paper.
Rising in passion,
catapulting ecstasy,
yet falling into darkness on deaf ears.
Some savored,
swirled around in my mouth and danced to,
others spit out as wasted or worn.
Brush my cheeks with silk like softness
infusing each breath with joy,
expelling the flavors of familiar loves.
Their hollowness not tolerated.
Take note that silence is preferred.
Carried on the draft of their own weight
to places aloft
where the soul’s eye recognizes
a familiar face
and smiling, assigns them a melody
that rings as true as north in the heart.

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