Stream of Consciousness

Stream of consciousness, an honest baring from the inside…punctuation added later. I just can’t live without it!

Crashing waves, I usually close my eyes but I have to write, gulls cawing, breathing in peace, so glad I talked myself into driving to the beach, crazy brave tourists in the water, must be Canadians, warm rays insisting it’s not winter, I breathe much slower here, is that my son on the boardwalk inspecting the surf? wish he’d call, I wonder how long that elderly couple has walked hand in hand, please keep on walking people and don’t sit your gear near me, I would really like to be brave enough to wear a bikini like that again, be kind, how cold does it get with a wet suit on? I wish I’d learned to surf, the wind caresses my cheeks, salt air fills my lungs, all is perfect here, bikini or not, oh look at that little guy, pure joy, the world is one big amazement park, take the chance, get on and ride, few shells for that lady, children running and screaming, squealing really, more joy, beach yoga, nothing better, if only I could convince my hubby we NEED, well, I NEED, a house at the beach, the waves lap the sand I sit upon a thousand times each day, ever constant, ever changing, reminding us of that fact of life, oh hey golfer dude in your dry cleaned shorts, sit down, get sandy, let the ocean be your lover and kiss your soul, you and the pelicans and the terns surveying the scene, does that bird have only one leg? I lose my balance quickly when I try that, I wonder where the 212 is ? He’s got that tatted on his arm, hugely, the one across his stomach says “solid” or ” soldier” I can’t tell, turn this way please, the S is a money sign $, your daughter is so cute, her shirt says love, he pulls a little red wagon and follows her as she skitters back from the encroaching tide, giggling, here comes another one, getting wet now, in the biggest bathtub he’s ever seen, is this really writing? Worth anyone reading it? Feels like rambling, motorcycles rumbling , why did I ever ride without a helmet, oh yeah, hat head, why did I ever do a long list of things? Really long list, some not for sharing, silence is golden, except for the waves, they’re liquid diamonds, sparkling precious liquor, give me more, skinny old couple, love her purple shoes, white crew socks and a bucket hat on the Mr., he can’t weigh more than a 100 pounds, did I ever weigh 100 pounds? seems like I catapulted right over that , his blue old school gym shorts are not very long, here comes the 212 family walking super close to me, I hope they don’t think I’m writing about them, they have cocktails in clear plastic cups, wish I had one, hers is blue, probably not a good idea, that dude’s hat has horns on it, wonder the significance of that, is 20 minutes up? Is this really writing writing? Wonder how far I walked today…

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2 Responses to Stream of Consciousness

  1. Dad says:

    yes that’s writing

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