70 Messages That Made Me Smile

It was just too gorgeous to stay inside today, so I drove to the beach. From the boardwalk I chose the side less populated and like the road less traveled by, it made all the difference. Some generous soul or souls had erected 70 of these message monuments, made from stacked coquina, shells, sticks and feathers in various groupings. In the center of each was a message written with a Sharpie on the inside of a cockle shell. There was “go barefoot”, “you were meant for joy”, “collect moments not things” and 67 more!  I knew I’d seen something like them before so I looked them up. They resemble “cairns” from the Gaelic meaning “heaps of stone”. Monuments like them have been used in many cultures since ancient times for remembrance, spiritual purposes or navigation. My smile widened as I walked on and discovered more and more of them along Melbourne Beach.  Was there someone watching from one of the nearby condos? Were they keeping a count of the curious people who stopped? Was this some sort of project? I’d love to know, but really it doesn’t matter, the good was done and I’m so very glad I stopped to look. It must have taken a good bit of time to leave all of those inspirational happiness structures, but there was no monetary cost at all.  How much good are even the poorest of us capable of if we just take the time? Cockle shells are not the most beautiful, but they are the most plentiful around here. Where’s my Sharpie? It’s perfectly OK to copy “good”. There can’t be a copyright or trademark infringement on spreading joy.

Peace and Love

photo 2 photo 3 photo 5 photo4photo (25)photo 1

So here’s my Day 10 writing assignment from Write Yourself Alive. It’s to write like Tyler Knott Gregson.

Are you watching me take pictures of these?

Did you do this alone?

Can you sense my joy,

my gratitude,

see my smile?

I counted 70.

That’s a lot of love!

Thank you ❤

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