I began my beach morning by meditating for a bit and then went for a walk, keeping keen eyes open for my newest objects of desire, heart-shaped pieces of coquina. I lamented losing one a few days back, when after realizing I’d walked much further that I usually did and had no water left, I sat down to take a break and placed the new treasure beside me on the sand. When I got up a few minutes later, my coquina heart was left behind. I’d hoped to find another today but the change this morning was that I told myself I would find exactly what I was intended to find.  No sooner had I said that, than I spotted the first shark’s tooth, and then the second, along with some perfectly seasoned by the salt sea glass, with the prize piece being small, oblong, and almost white-blue.

Life’s secrets reveal themselves to us in every moment of the day if we’re paying attention.  That moment of perception is when our point of view grabs hold and makes an observation or perhaps a judgement. Of course we all perceive differently according to our unique points of view and the given situation we find ourselves in. What changed for me on the beach this morning, the secret that I needed to be reminded of, was to let go and trust. It’s also the reason I hit the “publish” button here on WordPress today, without the fears of making no sense, of saying something with zero substance, or worst of all for me, of not being read by anyone. I “just did it”.  As Nike has so successfully purported for years, and as stated by every self-help author in a thousand different ways, I “just did it”, just picked up the pen without the fear of producing nothing stopping me, without getting in my own way. Just as I did while beach combing, I had to let go of my preconceived notions and trust that something would come, that the words would flow, just as they were intended to. 

My challenge is and always has been, maintaining discipline when it comes to my craft, while at the same time, being able to let go. That’s been my intention all along, but as we all know, many are the roads that have been poorly paved with good intentions. Anne Lamott wrote of the three essential prayers, Help, Thanks, and Wow in her book by the same title.  My prayers for today do indeed fall into each of those categories. Help is what I need to continue to have discipline with my writing, to let go and trust that the words I need will come. Help is what I need to be able to perceive not only others, but also myself, through a lens of open-hearted love and non-judgement. A substantial amount of help is needed to keep me from being my own worst critic. Thanks is what I give for the beach treasures I found today and for the multitude of blessings I have in my life. Thanks also for the words that came today. Wow is for the amazing beauty, both natural and man/woman made that surrounds me at this very moment.

I invite you to keep tabs on my continuing journey ( I need help!) and hopefully be inspired along the way.

Peace and Love


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