Secret Rewards

I’m usually not a big fan of Mondays, but today turned out to be exceptionally good.  The workday progressed smoothly, without major adult issues or even the predictably normal preteen drama. Hubbie had an after work dinner event, so I thought it would be a good time to run to the mall and take care of a few things on my “to do” list ; look for some replacement white capris (our Key West Sunset Sail Wine Tasting did those in), have my semi-annual wedding ring inspection and cleaning, and get my free panties and “Secret Reward” for shopping at Victoria’s Secret.  I’m pleased to report I experienced success on all counts!  Not only did I find a cute pair of white capris at a great price and was told my ring was in perfect shape, but the cashier at VS excitedly exclaimed that my “Secret Reward” was not just the minimum $10, but instead was $50 ! YAY!   I smiled all the way back to the rack to pick out another item, which brought my grand total owed to a whopping $2.67! 

As I started the drive home, I began thinking about how ”secret rewards” don’t just occur in commercial establishments, and aren’t always simply dependent on your “customer loyalty level” (how much money you fork out to that company).  In fact, every dawn bears its own “secret rewards”.  For who among us is able to foretell what the new day will truly hold ? 

I recently saw a sign proclaiming, “Your day will progress in the direction of the corners of your mouth.” While our demeanor most certainly has a substantial effect on every aspect of our being, whether we’re spending the day alone or in community, we must admit that bad things still do happen to shining, cheerful people.  But even so, for those of us willing to give it more than a cursory glance, each rotation of our planet bestows a bounty of gifts awaiting discovery.  Granted, we may not always see the benefit of every gift or reward at first.  Some may indeed be more welcomed than others, until such time as our hindsight becomes 20/20. 

My Victoria’s Secret Rewards card is null and void now, but like you, I’m still breathing, still a frequent flier on this planetary adventure we’re both participating in.  Come on and join me!  Don’t be shy.  Expect more than a .5 ounce bag of peanuts.  Take the window seat, and don’t close your eyes.  There’s a message for us in the clouds, in the eyes of the stranger next to you or I, or maybe it’s even lying on the floor.  At Victoria’s Secret, the value of the reward wasn’t revealed until you checked out.  In our lives, the value of each and every one of our secret rewards is revealed when we “check in”, are fully present, and open to seeing them. 

Happy Flying !  May you soar and may your secret rewards be bounteous!

Peace and Love

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5 Responses to Secret Rewards

  1. Kathie Rogero says:

    Loved the up beat tempo of this “day in the life of” tale. Makes one stop and think that they too could win something big, have an awesome day, etc. Made my day!

  2. I love VS and there secret gifts!

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