You’re Fired! and Love is A House

No, I didn’t hear those words from The Donald, or thankfully, from anyone else.  I’ve just officially fired myself from my self assigned (it’s true, I can’t lean into anything) Month of Seussims project.  You just can’t feel it when you just don’t feel it.  As Seuss might say; It was good.  It was fun.  Now on to another one.    

What I am feeling at this very moment is the desire to write about one of the most elemental, but complex and expansive subjects, LOVE.  This serendipitous inspiration came to me as I was puttin the pedal to the metal yesterday on the evil eyed elliptical that lives in our garage, and catching up on my Super Soul Sundays.  I’m too embarrassed to tell you exactly how far behind I am, and therefore how long it’s been since I graced the guilt inducing machine with my presence, but my best friend, soul mate, and loving hubbie will gladly inform you and call me on it.  I so love that man!  And this time, that’s not a whole other story, but it IS the story!

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of our first date, 9 years ago.  I remember that I ate  Chilli’s sizzling beef fajitas and laid all my bulky baggage on the table for inspection, so as not to waste anyone’s time if it didn’t fit in the proverbial overhead (and out of mind) storage.  I can tell you I smiled and laughed a lot and that I was never the slightest bit uncomfortable, not even after slinging the big stuff out there.  But all the rest ?  The rest was lost somewhere between his aquamarine eyes and my heart, where it has faithfully abided since. 

Later, when he walked me to my door and so sweetly kissed me goodnight, like a giddy schoolgirl, I peeked through the window shades to watch him drive away and told myself that he was not just “a keeper”, but The Keeper.  And I couldn’t even fathom how right I was that night.  Nine years later, I most certainly do.  And his twinkling azure eyes still enrapture me in the very same way they did that first night.  We were instantly inseparable, moving in together within months, building a house together a year or so later, and married just a little over 3 years after our first date.  Hold that thought. 

In the Feb 12th episode of Super Soul Sunday, “Love, Etc.”, a young man named Gabi, with wisdom not frequently associated with 18 year olds, made me hop off the elliptical train, pause the DVR and jet inside for pen and paper.  These are his words:

” Love isn’t OMG, she’s really pretty and I’m in love.  No, love is something you construct, you create, you make it with that person.  Love is like making a house, and everyday you put a little brick on it untill you make it a house.” 

Amen!  Although we literally built a house together back in 04, and haven’t done any literal remodeling or additions since, we’ve actively and consistently been performing maintenance and fortifying the walls, creating a haven of love, a sanctuary for our souls each and every day since.  Gabi is obviously a sensitive and bright young man who will undoubtedly live and learn this as well.  We can’t simply build the house, move in and let the rest of the story write itself.  No, we must continue to “make the house”, day by day, actively participating in the creation of our love story, our house of love.  There may be terrifying tornadoes, wildfires, or summers full of hurricanes, figurative or real, but the dome of safety we create with each brick we consciously and purposefully add, will enable us to weather any tides of turmoil that may rush our way. 

Housebuilding is difficult and arduous work! It’s not for the lazy or those satisfied with just getting by.  Once we’ve moved in together, and in order for the house to truly be a home, purging, adorning, and maintaining are required on a regular basis to insure that a garrison for, and of two, will result.  Together we will batten down the hatches, slay the dragons, and live to fascinate our grandchildren with our story, of Scout and Butch, and of the house that was built of love.

Peace and Love

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