Day 2- A Month of Seussisms – Smile :)

“Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened.”   

Dr. Seuss

As small children, this is one of our first and hardest lessons, that the much desired pleasure endorphins cannot dance in our brains forever.  Play time inevitably leads to nap time and our beloved snuggle-story time cannot continue down the “just one more” road forever.  As a young teen, I can remember the very visceral feeling that my life was utterly ruined on a fairly regular basis, because some variety of  fun involving my friends or latest crush had an expiration date. 

Hopefully, through the years, we all gain maturity and understanding, eventually coming to realize that as the door slams shut on one experience, we face alternative doors, leading on to new avenues for exploration.  We realize that unlike a solid steel bank vault door that prohibits us from peeking inside, the memories we’ve chosen to put a screen door on allow us to gaze back on “what was” with perfect perspective and sweet fondness.  Our hearts can remain full of gratitude for the experience as the ambrosial reminiscence delights us. 

What a beautiful gift we’re given when a memory graces our face with a smile!  We must be careful not to take it for granted though, because as we age it’s possible that like all good things, one or more beautiful memories may fade.  I pray mine don’t.  I hope yours don’t either.  But just in case, I’d better get busy with that scrapbook.

Peace and Love 


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2 Responses to Day 2- A Month of Seussisms – Smile :)

  1. Nirmal Bajwa says:

    perfectly said “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

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