The Power to Love

“Who among you does not feel that his power to love is boundless?”    Kahlil Gibran

Who indeed?  Although situations surely arise in which we feel we’ve been gutted, and have nothing else, no more love to give “that person”, (the one who’s savagely ripped a piece of our heart from our chest and stomped on it like they were auditioning for “Stomp”, the play) like Kahlil, I believe our power to love cannot ever be truly diminished.  Other capacities may be shriveled, especially trust or faith in the reoccurrence of love ever again, but the power to love, that’s boundless and exponential in my mind. 

The power to love is exponential because at its core LOVE IS so unmeasurable and wonderous.  We seek the joy of love, and in whatever from it takes, it gladdens us.  Who among us is not pleased by love?   We crave love.  We adopt pets to love.  We have children as expressions of our love.  We do things to please and show our appreciation for those we love.   Do we ever say “we love a person only a little bit” ?   Do we love one family member more than another ?  If you’re fortunate enough to have a job you love,  do you love it by degrees?  Love is all or nothing in its embryonic form.  In its essence, love simply is.  Purely and simply.  Not counting the sociopaths and narcissists among us, we grow to understand that as we give love, it grows, perpetuates itself, and spreads like dollar weed on a southern lawn.  And unrequited love aside, our welcoming hearts receive love as it perpetually boomerangs back to us.

At the moment of our birth each of us inherited the greatest power on Earth.  Yes, love, our  greatest pleasure, is also capable of causing us great pain.  Because of that, our willingness to exercise our power to love may ebb and flow, but until our last breath, our life-changing, world-changing power can never truly be diminished.  We must use our power fearlessly and often!  As we do, we’ll be empowering others to sow the mighty acorns of love that possess the potential energy to change the world.

Peace and Love

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