I’m A Believer

Checking Facebook or personal email from work is something I never, ever do.  It’s frowned upon, certainly not professional, and there’s just not a spare minute to squeeze that kind of frivolity in.  My 30 minute lunch break flies, even sans fun, so it doesn’t happen then either.  Team talk about ” all our children” is the perpetual topic of our gobble and gab every day.  No, it’s not the soap opera,  just the pre-pubescent drama that permeates 6th grade.  This week has provided us extra time for quality bonding, as students have had to eat breakfast and lunch in the classroom, with us, due to our school science fair being set up in the cafeteria.  As any honest parent or teacher can attest, there are times when you just have to take a mental break and have a moment for yourself, before you’re tempted to poke your eyes out with a fork.   So I pulled my smart phone out and read a few Facebook posts while continually raising my eyes and scanning the perimeter with the skill of an armed forces sniper (or “distinguished” teacher)  at precise 2 second intervals, never giving my little darlings even the slightest chance to pull a “mom’s on the phone” prank. 

When what to my wondering eyes should appear?  But a question for pondering about Oprah my dear! 

I’m a Super Soul Sunday devotee/ subscriber and a mid-day post read: Fill in the blank. “If Oprah were to send me one letter in my life, I would hope she’d write__________.”   

“WHAT did that say?” My heart rate accelerated and I prayed like the sinner I am, that my cardiologist did a superior job of repairing that PFO (hole in my heart).  Without the slightest hesitation or deliberation, at the rate of a word every 2 seconds, perimeter scan-word, perimeter scan-word, I feverishly typed the following:

Dear Carol,

 I love your blog, thispedestrianlife@wordpress.com!  I’d love to talk with you about how we could use your voice at OWN.  A producer will be calling you soon @321-537-2340.

My soul’s dream, my truly, madly, deeply, kind of passion is that I’ll be able to make a genuine difference in the world with my writing, ( and earn a modest living doing it).  Seriously, set the money and fame aside.  I’m very rarely photogenic anyway.  I albeit unsuccessfully, beg my husband not to post 99.9 % of the pictures he snaps of me!  I simply want my words to touch hearts and minds in a positive way.  I want my voice to help make our world a better place.  Some might say that rings of an opiate pipe dream, but I’m here to tell the world – NOT I!  I’m putting it out there to the universe and will continue to do so in any way I can, keeping my eyes, ears, and heart open for the road signs and messages that I KNOW will reveal the way to my boulevard of dreams. 

Anyone with connections out there willing to pick up a hitchhiker or use your club card to slip me in?  Any and all assistance GREATLY appreciated and paid forward ten-fold! 

Peace & Love

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3 Responses to I’m A Believer

  1. Keep up the great work Sweetie…

  2. Kathie Rogero says:

    Love this post – you keep on writing and putting it out there to the universe and goods things will happen when you least expect them to. I am a believer.

  3. Writing Jobs says:

    Great post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much.

    Love writing? We would love for you to join us.

    Writers Wanted

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