Empty Mind – Full Mind

“Try and be a sheet of paper with nothing on it.  Be a spot of ground where nothing is growing, where something might be planted, a seed , possibly from the Absolute.”        Rumi

SO today is one of those days, when my desire to write was knocked lopsided by the feeling that I have absolutely nothing to say that would benefit anyone in an even remotely positive way.   I decided to join Deepak for meditation (via CD) with the intention of following him into that chasm of interior awareness from which goodness always emanates. 

10 minutes later, endorphins freely flowing, I arose from the floor, walked to my office and saw this Rumi quote.  Proof positive that if you seek, if you follow your heart, your desire, your passion, you’ll be rewarded.

Our county like many others in our country was hit hard by the housing crisis of recent years.  Although the situation is slowly improving, a large number of houses still sit empty, foreclosed, some overgrown, reflecting the emptiness and desolation left behind.  As a home, the walls of each absorbed a family’s story.  As a house, the doors of each banged shut one final time, leaving only whispers of history behind. 

But like empty sheets of paper, or barren plots of land, those houses sit on promises of hope and new life.  Empty rooms become blank canvases, and uncrowded spaces afford the imaginations of new tenants’ dreams.  I’ve lived in a lot of houses. (I stopped counting after 33 and I wasn’t an armed forces brat.  So yea, that’s a whole other story.) I don’t ever remember being disturbed about it as a child, and when I ventured out into the world on my own at 16, I  found the excitement of those vacant spaces exhilarating and never lonely, even when a mattress for the floor and one pot for the stove was all I carried in! 

Just as previously empty rooms in a house call to be personalized, to be given “a look”, “a feel”, to reflect the spirits, the lives, that now fill the earlier vacuity, when we empty our minds, our heartsongs and soul stories can be deciphered.   

 The noise of the world can be literally maddening.  Just as we need the silence to hear the still, small voice within, we also depend on it to hear the questions and understand the answers whispered by our souls.

Peace and Love

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One Response to Empty Mind – Full Mind

  1. kianys says:

    I realize that sometimes I seek “noise” just purely to tune out the silence. The problem with silence (for me) is that you can hear your thoughts more clearly.

    Usually, I guess, that’s a good thing.

    Sometimes however I wished I could just shut myself up and since I can’t – well I try to at least drown my own inner voice in outside sound.

    Kudos for having mastered the art of meditation.

    I’ve tried it a couple of times, but it makes me nervous – especially when someone tells me to concentrate on my breathing.

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