A 40 Pounder Removes The Weight of The World

She weighs about 4o pounds  but she’s got the might of a Grizzly Bear!  Or at least that’s how it felt last night as she pinned me to the carpet, burrowed her face into mine, with her open mouth on my eye, and through her giggles told me I was her “stinky foot cutie Mimi.”  Over and over again, as our hands, interlaced, played tug of war and keep away and our glee became intertwined.  I’d manage to twist my head to the opposite side and get sucker-kissed with a big raspberry on my cheek and more howls of laughter rose up from the two of us, melding into a convulsing mass of merriment. 

She’d allow me just a second of reprieve to catch what breath I could with a 40 pound load on my chest, and then she’d deliver the next attack of the love monster, wrestling with my arms and proclaiming her delight right onto my face one silly phrase at a time.  Midway through, and with no one else in the house at the time to perform CPR or jam 2 aspirin down my throat, I even momentarily foresaw the possibility of a death certificate that might read – “death by being overjoyed” and I laughed even more ecstatically, being perfectly willing to accept that destiny.  The guffawing and rompings continued for probably 10 minutes, during which time, I (the aforementioned stinky foot cutie Mimi), overflowing with mirth, felt the weight and spirit of my 4-year-old grandchild, evanesce the weight of the work-week and the world, and sooth my aching soul.  When it was finally obvious that I’d run out of steam and lay deliriously yielding and beaming from every cell in my body, she relented, stuck her stinky little feet in my face and told me she loved me.

Life is lots of things folks, and one of them is good.  This is your reminder.

Peace and Love

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5 Responses to A 40 Pounder Removes The Weight of The World

  1. kianys says:

    so breathtakingly beautiful – thank you for sharing!

  2. Kathie Rogero aka"Nana" says:

    Your writing made me feel like I was there laughing along with the two of you:). What a wonderful way to finish the week or start the weekend. Memories of Mimi she will never ever forget!! Thanks for letting us hear about your fun.

  3. Judy Rogero says:

    Love Love Love…… Does not get any better then that.. Thanks for sharing !!!!!!!!!

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