Closer or Further?

“Although a prisoner of your own thoughts, you are part of the great journey.  With every breath you are closer to or further from your own truth.”         Faouzi Skali 

I was exactly in that imprisoned position face down on the massage table the other day. Not literally of course, but the new masseuse I paid to work all the nonsense and stress out of me, was not one that I felt really connected with me/my body, which I believe led to a flurry of thoughts flitting all around my mind with the greatest of ease for much too much of my massage time.  That kind of thought imprisonment hardly ranks on the life distress scale, but at the other end is what keeps authors who write in the self help/advice/and inspirational genres of books and articles financially afloat.  I’ve bought countless titles through the years that fit into those categories.  I truly admire many of the best known authors in those genres and treasure numerous titles as personal reference or handbooks. No doubt, future titles will speak to me as well and join my collection. 

Pick any magazine stand or best seller list and you’ll find a plethora of writers sharing their advice on how you can follow your heart, connect with the intuitive you, unleash the power of your own mind to create health, wealth, happiness, peace , and find your niche in the universe.  This has been the case for a multitude of years.  The bylines and book jackets are different, repackaging has occurred, and nomenclature has changed, but the human dilemma and truthfully, most of the solutions to said dilemma are the same.  Our forefathers experienced it and we can look back and observe that ancient philosophers, mystics, spiritualists, religious masters, and other groups or individuals I’ve most certainly left out, have been providing answers for thousands of years.

Making our mind work for us and not against us is the ultimate goal.  How can we stop being our own worst enemy?   How can we strive to make every breath we take one of purpose?   How do we focus our intentions to actively participate in creating a life that communicates our own truth? 

Self- destructive/limiting thoughts, dwelling on mistakes, listening to noxious voices, a mirror image of powerlessness, simple inaction.  This abbreviated short list tells the Cliff Notes © version of the antithesis tale. 

We each have a truth.  From the smallest of organisms to us humans, we each have a purpose, or as I came to understand and believe through my Montessori educator training, a cosmic task.  We’re here for a reason.  We’re connected.  We affect each other.  When one of us is not living their truth, a ripple, a crack, a kink, or a tremor occurs, and others are affected as well.  Not to mention that we ourselves are unhappy as Hell. 

 So how do we do it?   How do we find our truth?  We must search for it.  Unfortunately there’s not one company store that carries everyone’s style or size.  Yours will surely look very different from mine.  What’s important is that we actively search for it, strive toward it, and nourish and treasure it once it is found.  And we mustn’t forget that the destination isn’t reachable without the journey.  Be aware.  Be prepared.  Be there.  Happy Trails!

Peace and Love

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4 Responses to Closer or Further?

  1. kianys says:

    I’m so glad I found my way here from creatingreciprocity. She was totally on point in including you into her top 8 list of favorite posts 🙂

    Obviously this was well written and an enjoyable read, but for me it’s the message that stands out. The line that really touched me was this:

    “When one of us is not living their truth, a ripple, a crack, a kink, or a tremor occurs, and others are affected as well.”

    As I am trying to find my own truth each and every day (and struggle with it rather frequently!), I have come to realize, that I have trouble getting close to / connecting to people, who I find not to be honest with themselves. It irritates me more than it should. Obviously a part of that irritation is the feeling of somewhat looking into an unflattering mirror. More of it is that I feel frustrated with them for reasons I can’t even name.

    This is especially true for me, when it comes to family members.

    Thank you for sharing this – really got my spirits lifted and gave me some insight on why I might possibly be feeling about this the way I do

    🙂 K.

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