It takes Just A Little Bit or Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Serendipity ever-so-sweetly kissed me on the cheek just a minute ago when I received the picture below from my son.  He and my too cute for words granddaughter were seashore exploring and discovered this beach blessing left behind, a giant sandcastle.  The image of her standing in the middle, the position of her hands, and especially the shirt she’s wearing, all triggered the cha-ching button in my up to that moment vacuous writer head!  I’ll keep writing and you can judge what it’s worth.

One of my previous blogs was titled Love Train.  Yes, the same one driven by the O’Jays, masters of Philly Soul.  The song has always been one of my anthems, even a heartsong , since 1972, when it was released .  At the worthwhile risk (there’s more evidence of my oft-times nonsensical hardheadedness) of sounding like an old Coca-Cola ad singer/utopian dreamer , (“I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony… ,)  the themes of community and interconnectedness permeate my writings, and although Stacey London and Clinton Kelly might cringe at the Beatles’ Love Is All You Need t-shirt hanging in my closet, I would never apologize for it or let them, God forbid, throw it away.  I’m even a proud wearer of pair of Lucky Jeans that happen to sport a peace sign on the rear end!  But, I digress.  (How’s that for a well positioned pun?)  Anyhow, that leads to a Robert Kennedy quote that hangs on my classroom wall;  

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total; of all those acts will be written the history of this generation. ” That’s where the serendipitous kiss comes in.

My granddaughter, by squatter’s rights, inherited the sandcastle in which she stands.  She can control it.  She has the opportunity to destroy it little by little, or in one grand berzerking swoop. She also has the choice to leave it for others to enjoy or even pimp it up for someone else’s future enjoyment.   She has control of and influence on that one small space, perfectly and conveniently illustrated by the position of her hands.  She is my poster grandchild for the power of love.

Unless you’re one of my really famous friends, (LOL), and not accounting for the possibilities that the Internet provides, your sphere of influence, like mine, is a relatively small one.  But add your sphere to my sphere, and the next sphere, and the next, and you’ve got progress, you’ve got real change, you’ve got those first steps in a movement, a revolution, that shift in consciousness Tom Shadyac predicts is about to hit the fan with his film “I Am”. 

My message today is that it truly does only take a little love to change your world.  Because we enter each other’s worlds and share some parts of the larger one, my world changes too, and so on, and so on.  Put a little in your heart.  The power of love, you’ve got it!  The power to change the world, you’re a part of it!

Peace and Love 


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