Journeying Joyfully

“May your soul be happy; journey joyfully.”  Rumi , 13th century

My son sends videos and pictures of my 4-year-old granddaughter almost every day.  Her sweet smile, her infectious laughter, and her silly faces brighten up the cloudiest and most stressful days.  As I frantically hurry through some task to get to the next, and even fret about what I have to do hours or days from now, she reminds me of what life is really about.  It’s about being.  Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, if you are in the moment, you’ll feel and experience at the heightened level that we are truly wired for.  You’ll be there and it will make all the difference. 

Think about times when you’ve been touched by another’s kind act or words, when your heart has swollen with love or pride, or when elation has taken a liquid form and trickled down your cheek.  You weren’t thinking about bills, or grades, or work duties, or laundry, you were simply there.  Our little 4- year old reminds us that we were meant to journey joyfully, and although the road may be foreboding at times, with turbulent water threatening our ships, and perilous pirates attacking, if we remember to just stop, breathe really deeply, and take a look around, we will see.  It’s there.  Joy is there.  Beauty is there.  Goodness is there.  Love and community are there.  It’s not shrouded or camouflaged, or playing hide and seek.  We need to ask and we shall receive.  If we are  open our vision will be cleared. 

Here’s to all of us journeying  joyfully!

Peace and Love

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6 Responses to Journeying Joyfully

  1. Paul says:

    There are two ways to travel each day, in peace or in turmoil. We decide which vessel will transport us each time. We can learn much from the unhampered souls of children.

    To walk through life unjaded is a challenge but a worthwhile way to travel.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Judy; this child has brought to me to hightened joy and forgetting all else many times. Just take the time to relax and enjoy and the stress does fly away. I know, it has happened many times for me. I love your writings,

  3. Judy Rogero says:

    You are a magnetic attraction all that is good will come to you because you deserve it. I love this story about opening up and seeing the beauty. It surrounds us every day and we don’t see it. Sometimes it takes a child to deliver us from our stresses of the day.

    Love you

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