I awoke way before the sunshine this morning wishing I hadn’t written something the way that I did in yesterday’s blog. It was the line about my faith telling me everything happens for a reason.  I should have said that science tells me that most things happen for a reason, cause & effect 101.  Conversely my faith tells me that events occur every day which defy the laws of reason, and leave the cause and effect tally columns unmarked.  Unexplainable positive occurrences are viewed as miracles by some and flukes by others.  Supernatural? Divine?  You choose.   As for the awful, ugly, tragic, horrendous, and horrific things that happen every day,  I simply don’t believe in a god that makes bad or evil things happen for any reason.  I believe bad things happen for two reasons:

  1. someone made choices that caused them and/or allowed them to happen


2.  they just do and we don’t yet understand the mechanics of them or our possible role in the causation  (disease, disorders, etc.)

What I meant to say yesterday was that I believe there are blessings to be found in every positive or negative occurrence, every situation, every failure, every fall, every heartache, every life and every death.  I believe that our task each day is to search for those blessings, to be grateful for them, and most importantly, to pass the blessings on. 

Which brings me to what happens when we don’t pass them on, when we don’t make a difference, when we don’t take the time to care what is going on outside our own little domain, and most importantly, when we fail to see the lines of connection between ourselves, our actions and the rest of the world.   

Director Tom Shadyac created a documentary called “I Am” that just premiered on the OWN network, on the show Super Soul Sunday.  The man and his back story were the impetus for this incredible film.   The premise is that there are 2 big questions that need to be answered by all us and for all of us.  What is wrong with the world? And how can we change it? 

The film is truly thought-provoking, and I hope that by sharing it with you, one person at a time, we ordinary people in the ordinary places we reside, will be awakened , and will be the change the world needs.   

Check it out here – (just copy and paste the link). 

Part of the soundtrack in the film is one of my favorite Black Eyed Peas songs, “Where Is the Love?”  To listen just copy and paste the link below.  Click on the play button in the middle of the screen and then click on Watch on You Tube.  Hope you enjoy!

Peace and Love

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4 Responses to Awakening

  1. Bless your heart for passing this on! Love & light….

  2. Faith can be confusing, frightening, motivating or invigorating. Sometimes it can be all of these at the same time. You are absolutely correct that we should be passing the blessings on. It’s not always easy to see the good and positive. It takes a lot of effort to shift our focus to the positive.
    Thank you for reminding those who read your blog that there IS something positive, even when we can’t see it immediately.

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