Beach Blessings

Beach Blessings

Morning ascension

Just beyond the end

Blood orange-red

Escalates from the shadow

Sea oats wave

Balmy wind greets

Silent sea birds plunge

And swoop

Again and again


Right there


Right there



Right there.

Beach Blessing #2

A sweet girl’s sand art portrait of her Mimi and Papa

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6 Responses to Beach Blessings

  1. hannahkozak says:

    Spending time at Malibu Beach this weekend was a blessing and a gift to myself in staying present. Thank you for this beautiful verse about the sea.

  2. Nirmal Bajwa says:

    beautiful poem, God is all around us, his love is like a rain falling everywhere uninterrupted, we just need to feel it.

  3. Kathie Rogero says:

    The beach has sun rises that are never quite alike, the quiet, the birds and so many wonderful things. It has a speical place to think, resolve problems and more. I think God spends a lot of time at the beach. As for a little girl’s drawings; just an extra special part of the beach.

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