June 24, 2011

“The true path to deliverance is humility.”  Faouzi Skali   20th-21st century

I SO wanted to cheat on this blog.  I wasn’t really “feeling it” and couldn’t get a handle on where to start with the quote.  So, I’ve admitted it, embraced the Nike motto, and just started typing.  Deliverance- makes me think of the 1972 Burt Reynolds movie, where he and his urban buddies are surely reciting their Hail Marys and praying for deliverance when they come upon the locals looking to abuse them for sport. 

But what are we looking for in the way of deliverance?  Protection from evil, harm, or danger?  Yes.  Can’t we take care of that on our own?  No, because evil, harm, and danger often look like pretty little playthings and are sometimes beautifully adorned.  Shiny, glitzy, appealing to our senses.  Looking quite tantalizing.  Are we in the midst of a selfmade situation or sabotaging state of mind that we actually recognize, but for a multitude of reasons, we feel powerless to change?   No, we can’t do it all by ourselves.  We must recognize that we aren’t omnipotent.  No matter what we’re seeking liberation from, whether it be external or internal, even the strongest of body and spirit among us occasionally need aid.  To get that aid, we have to admit that we need it.  We have to be humble. 

Study a variety of religions and you’ll find that humility is a common theme, a desirable virtue.  Thinking of oursleves less,and others more is an expression of humility.  If we’re more concerned with our team winning than we are in scoring points ourselves, our eyes are going to be open to all kinds of opportunities to make it happen, opportunities we would have missed if we were only focused on ourselves.  Humility does not mean  thinking “little” of yourself.  Although being humble can be taken to the extreme, I link humility to modesty, the opposite of self-aggrandizing.   It’s by way of humility that the world will receive us with open arms.  Acting with humility we’ll be able to achieve things greater than we’ve ever dreamt, because we’ll have support. 

Peace, Love, and Humility

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