Your Truth

June 23, 2011

“Truth is not what the tongue articulates. If you want to know what it is, listen as it comes to you, in waves, from the depths of your being.  For it is from this inner necessity that the vision is born.”   Faouzi Skali 20th-21st century

Truth.  Yours, mine, the other person’s.  They’re all different. 

A little research yields the fact that are a number of schools of thought/theories regarding truth.  When I contemplate the truth that Mr. Skali speaks of, that which resides in the depths of our beings, I imagine it residing in the soul.  I imagine it to be the undeniable uniqueness of each of us.  I imagine it as everything that makes us tick, turns us on, excites, frightens, stimulates, or arouses us.  I imagine it to be us in the dark, and alone when no one is looking.  I imagine it to be that which we would do under any and all circumstances.  I imagine it to be us in a world with no mirrors, no judgement, no jealousy, and no pain.   I imagine it’s what our lives would look like if we all followed the advice of the stipper in the John Prine song, “Spanish Pipedream”.

“Blow up your TV, throw away the papers,

go to the country, build you a home,

plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches,

 try to find Jesus* on your own.”   

*( feel free to substitute Allah, God, The Divine Creator etc.)

Sounds cult-like or communal , I know.  And believe me, I absolutely have no aching desire to smash my computer or iphone, give up my hair straightener, favorite restaurant, or my favorite fabulous heels and LBD.  But you get the idea.

I imagine our truth to be a single piece of the larger puzzle that is the entire universe.  Of course our truth, our singular minute piece, is made up of a million pinpoints of color, representing all the different facets of our lives, our actions, our history, every step we’ve taken on the way.  I imagine that when we find the piece easily fitting in, we are living our truth. 

But is that it?  Does the puzzle just stay put together for all time ? They rarely do right?  Some get taken apart and put back in the box.  Some are even lost.  I didn’t say what kind of puzzle it was now, did I ?  Like theories regarding the nature of truth, there are a multitude of categories of puzzles.  Our lives, like some puzzles, don’t always look the same way.  What may look perfect at one point, could look like it doesn’t quite fit at another.  Tangram puzzles are a perfect example of how 7 pieces of a puzzle can fit together in thousands of different ways and look like thousands of different objects.  When the pieces are put together in a recognizable and aesthetically pleasing form, then we can see it, feel it, and know it as our truth.  When we’re in the wrong place, literally or figuratively, we will not feel that we are experiencing our truth.  Remmber the gut feeling Oprah told us about, and the still small voice within?  They’re both real.  They’re both our truth speaking up, striving to be heard amid the din of our lives.

Their truth is what makes a songwriter cry as they pen their hearts onto paper and bellow their truth out to the world.  It’s what causes a writer or artist to be so attached to certain pieces of their work.  Our truth is in all the tears of happiness that we’ve ever cried.   It’s the pervasive, peaceful, and satisfied feeling in our bodies, hearts, minds and souls when we feel it deep down in our bones that something is “right” for us, (as long as we’re not intoxicated).   It’s the look that we recognize in another’s eyes, as our home.  It’s what emanates from inside of us and is recognized on the outside as our creativity.  It is what remains within us when all else has been stripped away.  Not just our nakedness in all its glory, but the divine beauty, that lies within each of us.  Our truth is that beauty, that pure and untainted spirit, which is so easily recognized in the hearts of children, but which we often disguise as we grow and travel out into the world.

We can articulate any number of things and call them truth, but it is only in the stillness, with a meditative mind, that our soul can be heard well enough to discern our personal truth.  We have to listen for it.  We have to make it our mission.  Indeed, if we want to live a fulfilling and  self-actualized life, we must strive to discover our truth, to live our truth, and to realize that our truth will indeed set us free.  

Peace, Love, and A Clear Vision of Our Truth

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