June 19, 2011

“When you look at the world, you look at the Creator.”  Baal Shem Tov, 18th century

I have a sign in my classroom that states, ” Your work is a representation of yourself.”  It’s meant to motivate students to take pride in their work.  I routinely remind them that what they put on paper tells me a myriad of things about their personality and character.  Some take my admonition to heart and some toss it in the figurative recycle bin in their mind.  Just as art, song, written words or speech, what humans produce on paper, on canvas, or through any media whatsoever, is a representation of them, so it is that the natural world we gaze upon is the work, the representation, of the Creator that we believe in.  In all of its panoramic glory, its secret places and mysterious phenomenons, whether I’m viewing the vast expanse of a natural landscape, or tasting the sweet nectar of the honeysuckle, I must always stop and marvel at the gloriousness, the splendor, and the beauty of our planet and the Universe.  This marvelling cannot occur without considering the majestic nature of the creator.  While you and I may disagree on the identity of the “creator”, we will surely be like-minded when it comes to attributing the vast wonders, from microscopic to grand in scale, to one creator, both author and artist of all that our eyes and ears behold in the natural world.

Peace, Love, and Contemplation

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2 Responses to June 19, 2011

  1. D- says:

    It has been said in the past that at our job if we had to sign our work then most of the time work would be done better.

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