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I’ll Love You For Always

Fitful, tortured screaming emanated from the hallways.  Not enough rooms to be had on a suffocating summer day.  Drenched, and yet dry mouthed, feeling pummeled by each torrential wave, the daunted 23-year-old girl wailed, “I can’t, I just can’t! ”  She literally and … Continue reading

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The Ugly Cry-Way Too Early In The Day

My summer morning ritual begins with lingering in my bed as long as my body will let me.  That’s generally the ridiculously “late” hour of between 7 and 8!  Then I head to the kitchen where my “liquid heroin” awaits.  No needles required, … Continue reading

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She’ll Be Alright

Our phone conversations don’t occur as early in the day as they used to, because the dawns bring racking waves of nausea and heaving.  The lumps in her neck and throat are making it more difficult for her to swallow (dysphagia) and talk.  Sustenance comes in … Continue reading

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The World Is Round

The wire bound notebook on my home-office desk is labeled simply “Journal”.  Opening up the cover, you’ll see the words, “For Emma”.  It’s covered with gorgeous fleur-de-lis designs in ebony, cream, and ochre.  Emma is my precious granddaughter and at only 3 and … Continue reading

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Got Conceit?

June 26, 2011 “If you feel more important that many human beings, think of only one thing your entire life: releasing your soul from this malady.”  Faouzi Skali  20th-21st century I really must acquaint myself a little more with Mr. Skali, since it … Continue reading

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Not The Final Word on Teaching and Learning

June 25, 2011 “Teaching is found in the continuous movement between what has already been said and what remains to be said-what is being said differently.”  Marc-Alain Quaknin  20th-21st century Teaching is what I do.  The expansive nature of both teaching … Continue reading

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June 24, 2011 “The true path to deliverance is humility.”  Faouzi Skali   20th-21st century I SO wanted to cheat on this blog.  I wasn’t really “feeling it” and couldn’t get a handle on where to start with the quote.  So, I’ve … Continue reading

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Your Truth

June 23, 2011 “Truth is not what the tongue articulates. If you want to know what it is, listen as it comes to you, in waves, from the depths of your being.  For it is from this inner necessity that the … Continue reading

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Gratitude Changes Everything and Is The Loveliest Shade of Green

June 22, 2011 “Against envy, refresh your eye at the source of the gift.  Against avidity, cultivate a grateful heart.  Against the desire for fame, the quest for an obscure life.”   Faouzi Skali 20th-21st century Do green hailstones of envy pummel … Continue reading

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Foolishness and Wisdom

June 21, 2011 “The fool says what he knows; the wise man knows what he says.”    Rabbi Sincha Bunim of Pshiskha 18th-19th century Facebook and blogs aside, I’m known by most as a rather private person.  You won’t find me in the middle of … Continue reading

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