Bring Your Kickass Casserole

I slipped into a lavender and epsom infused bath a little while ago and began my daily meditation.  After several minutes of my engine choking and sputtering, my body and mind made peace and it wasn’t too long before I actually felt my scalp tingling!  Self congratulations and accolades flitted through my brain and then it hits me – my headband is digging into my scalp!  There you have it-the root of all tingling! So much for thinking I had reached a higher level of consciousness, but I won’t be daunted by the fact that I am far from being a yogi.  In fact, the mere possibility that I had reached some tantric nirvana put me at ease, if only for a short while before I began to think of school, my kids, and the daily eurekas and dilemnas that fill my days with reasons to keep on doing what I do, in the face of all the reasons that a truly sane person would just call it a day.  

Faced with an ever-increasing pile of student work that had been completed, but had no name on it, I attacked it with possible solution # 10.  Seriously, folks, I’ve tried at least that many other ways to deal with it!  On a recent afternoon, I greeted the tenth hour of my workday as I sat grading papers while the custodian was sweeping my classroom.  He kindly inquired about the source of my very vocal grumbling and I shared the extent of the problem and the solutions I’d already tried.  I bemoaned what a shame it was for students to put forth the effort and go through the motions but then not get any credit for it.  They’ve been in school for 7 years at this point (some 8!) so this “name on your paper first thing” business is not a novel idea born in the 6th grade!  He suggested that since it was such a shame, that I create a “No Name Wall of Shame” and hang all the no- name work on it, in clear view, for the perpetrators to see.  Surely that would be a reminder and would seriously cut down on  recidivism.  Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t bet on it.  The wall is close to being covered, concurrently with the zeros in the grade book. 

Segueway into the spiritual realm as it relates to our everyday walk.  (This blog is doing double duty). Thankfully, it’s not a requirement and not even truly important that we physically sign our name on our good works and deeds.  In fact, it may be that the purity of the act is even increased with anonymity.  All good science students will recall that every action begets a reaction from the universe, most happening while we blink, with such great speed as to be unnoticeable at that very moment.  Our good works, our contributions to the communal daily potluck, could help spawn more of the same in a world hungry for kindness and connection.  What a shame it is if we don’t bring our kickass casserole and feed the famished.

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