Following The Trail

I’ve been introduced to some very talented, wise, and thoughtful fellow bloggers in the days since I took it upon myself to go public with my own inner ramblings.  One fellow blogger introduced me to the inspirational daily message I now receive from Abraham Hicks Publications.  Two days ago, the message was as follows: 

” If you are wise enough to follow the trail of good-feeling thoughts by deliberately looking for positive aspects along your way, you will come into vibrational alignment with who-you-really-are and with the things you really want, and once you do that, the Universe must deliver to you a viable means to achieve your desires.” 

Granted, this is not a “new” message.  “Follow your bliss”, has been stated and restated by a multitude of voices in numerous ways.  Bookshelves overflow with self-help titles published anew and directing us to self-realization and vocational integration through a more spiritual approach. Reading about all the “keys”, “paths”, and “secrets”, one’s entire quest could theoretically become a timesuck.

Nevertheless Universe, I’m putting you on notice!  What I truly desire is to write, just write.  All well and good you say, so what is your problem?  The catch is that I also want to make a living at it.  I have no intention of promoting a particular cause, preaching a specific dogma, bringing down governments, exposing unsavory institutions, or uncovering and promulgating corporate chicanery. (Although in the 10th grade I did dream of being a 60 Minutes correspondent.) I simple want to use words, which I love, to connect, explore, and most of all, make a difference, which I believe we all have a personal calling, to do.

OK , so maybe , I do have an agenda.  And, although I know that my husband loves me immensely,  if waterboarded, he would succumb and be the first to reveal to the tabloids or the North Koreans, that I am indeed quite a dichotomous girl.  

Each weekday morn around 6:30ish,  I drive southeast towards the sea and the sunrise, giving thanks for my peaceful, 10 minute commute.  I use that time to take in the beauty of the sky and faithfully begin each day in the mindset of thankfulness and with focus on the plethora of goodness and sweetness in my life.  Inspiration for my writing often comes during this drive, when the dew of possibility blankets all that was.  As a neophyte blogger, my blog stats have alternately been my friend and my foe, and yet, on days when intelligence prevails, I realize that numbers mean naught when it comes to making a difference.  I always return to the same soulful proclamation, that it is, always has been, and forever will be, love that makes a difference.  Every day and in a million little ways, in every corner of the universe, it is ALL that matters.  Through the ages, love has sustained those who had nothing but it left, while its absence has been the bane of those who’ve had everything but it.  So, regardless of my blog stats, I try to remind myself, and yes, it is trying at times, to view, to listen , to speak, and to act with love. 

Yes, dear husband, the dichotomy is well noted, and I really am not insisting that the world see me as saintly, or even a fraction as virtuous or worthy as these words would have readers think.  Like the ancient Greek chorus, but in my solitary voice, I’m employing the words that I love, to narrate the world which I see, and yes, the world I help create for myself and others, each and every day, with my thoughts, words and actions .  

 With that thought, meditation (and the usual prayers for forgiveness) are in order,  so I’ll bid you all adieu. 

Peace and Love

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