Inspiration doesn’t always come when you summon it , but I’m convinced it comes when you’re truly open to it and ready for receiving it.  This weekend I was feeling a bit vapid and couldn’t ferret out a single thought in my head that I judged had the depth required to post on this blog.  Or so I thought.  Instead, my mind crossed over and changed channels, producing a post for my education blog instead, an endeavor I truly wasn’t planning. Today I dropped off a box to ship via Fed Ex at a Speedy Pac in my town.  I’d never been there and was pleasingly surprised upon entering.  Quite the interesting marriage of elements cohabitate there.  Unsuspecting patrons like me enter to find incense burning, crystals, gemstones, an array inspirational signs and beauteous angel statuaries surrounding a standard packaging station, copy/fax and mail center, attended by a very Zen spirited woman.  Happy to have chanced to come there, I took care of my business,  and on the way out bent down to pick up a  free magazine called “Horizons, Spiritual Solutions for Florida since 1992 – Applying the Law of Attraction”.  Some might call it New Age propaganda or kindling.  I reached for with the intention of simply being open to it revealing a bit of wisdom, something I’m always in the market for.   Once home, I  flipped through the pages, skimming some of the articles, dismissing a few, and reading others in their entirety,  searching for a gem, for my “sign” of the day.  I found my jewel  in the very last article I read, titled “It’s Never Too Late” by Scott Christiansen Gabriel.   At 50ish, I admit to occasionally being  tempted by cultural mores and yesterday’s experiences to surrender to thoughts of ,” I shouldn’t waste my time.”, or “You’re a little old to start down that road now.”  Scott’s article is what I’m sure I was destined to read today.  In it, he tells of his lifelong wish to have a true “dad”.  Being adopted and then the child of several marriages and divorces, he had several “fathers”, but never someone who wanted to genuinely be his “Dad”.  It would be in Scott’s late 20’s when his mother once again remarried, but this time to a man he truly connected with and who became a devoted step-father to him.  Years later,when he was in his late 30’s and on the brink of his own marriage, that step-father would open his heart and offer to adopt him as his “son”.  Sounds crazy, right?  Why would someone want to be adopted at 36?  Why would someone offer to adopt someone else when they were that old?   Because they both had a dream they’d been chasing and both were listening to their hearts, instead of to a culture that would tell them that which they were considering was pointless or ridiculous.  They were responding when love called.  They were not responding when the world around them might have been snickering, laughing or condemning.  I thought of myself and about how I instruct kids every year to “dream big”, “the sky is the limit”, “discover your passion and don’t give up”, but sometimes like the cobbler’s children, I have no shoes.  Scott commented that the only thing that would have kept him from realizing his dream, was himself, the same person, who brought it into existence.  So often we fall victim to believing we don’t have what it takes to make our dreams come true, but if we don’t, then who does?  My dream is to write and to be able to make a living doing it.   While I teach my students that authors write to entertain, inform/explain, or persuade, I would truly say that the ultimate goal of my personal writing is simply to do something that makes the world a better place.  Sounds kind of corny or cliche’ right?  But if you really think about it, there are a million different ways we could do that and hopefully through my writing, you and I will check off a few of those.

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4 Responses to Inspiration

  1. souldipper says:

    What an open, insightful and honest introduction you’ve given me, Carol. As others who love to write have said, we can stick together and grow in each others’ struggles and victories. Yes we can do something about injecting love into our world – in whatever manner each writer feels compelled. If we are not beyond the fear of being labeled, the alternative is even less inviting.

    • Thank you! Yes, I finally decided to ignore the fear of being labeled and have found support coming from like-minded strangers. My friends and family are pretty much following the golden rule and not saying anything at all, which I’m extremely thankful for!Thanks also for introducing me to the Abraham messages! Peace and Love to you.

  2. Om Warrior says:

    Great post, great words, great message. Now let me ask you, does the dream belong to you or to the God within you? 🙂 Whose dream is it? When we step out of our own mortal way and allow all that God has planned for us to manifest through us, we find that we are never really “doing” anything in the first place but ultimately surrendering so that perfection can be expressed through us. Just something to ponder… As shown above in your blog, perfection is certainly being made manifest through you. Have a beautiful day. Peace and light

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