I recently did some rereading of Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.  It’s a book I’ve found myself returning to repeatedly for deeper understanding.  Referring to the pain we cause ourselves (and not the random accidents or evils brought upon us by others kinds of pain), Tolle makes an astute observation when he says, “Nobody chooses dysfunction, conflict, pain.”   When I read that the third time, it clicked.  Of course we don’t!  When we’re living a conscious life, we make choices which are conscious.  When we’re unconscious, (awake or asleep), we make unconscious choices.  Our unconscious choices, the ones that cause us dysfunction, conflict and pain, are the direct result of not being, living, and thinking in the present, of not harnessing the power of the present, the power of our “presence.   Think about a person’s mere presence and how analgesic it can be when someone is hurting; how uplifting, how restorative, and how powerful our just “being there” is.  Words aren’t even necessary.  That scenario offers  just a hint of the power contained within each of us, just a hint of the power we’re oblivious to when we aren’t fully present in our own lives, just a hint of the power we waste when we let the past rule us or live entirely for the future.  If our mere presence brings so much joy and comfort to others,  doesn’t it make sense that it would do the same for our own souls ?  Granted, our present situation might appear dark.  We may feel like we are circling the drain.  Job or love loss, station in life loss, financial woes, illness, addiction, death of a loved one, etc., etc.   We can’t be expected to just look at a pile of crap and pretend that it’s lovely and that we’re happy to deal with it.  What we can do is deal with whatever “it” is, in the present, one step at a time.  We can recognize it for what it is and learn from it.  We can be there, be present, for ourselves and for others.  We can stay calm and carry on.  We can shine it on.  We can choose to live in the light and dispel the darkness.  We can awaken to the power we all have inside us, our power to connect, to love, to heal, to help, ourselves and others. 

Peace and Love

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2 Responses to Choosing

  1. spirit2go says:

    I do adore Eckhart Tolle. I have gone back to his book, “A New Earth” again and again. It’s true, that with each reading, I gain another perspective. Your Blog is beautifully packaged!

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