Love Train

One of my favorite songs comes from way back in the day.  The year was 1973.  I was a 15-year-old ingenue with a schoolgirl crush on a local dj named Blue Christy, who informed me that the O’Jays catapulted to the top of the pop charts with a hit called “Love Train”.  The song didn’t have as much meaning for me back then as it does these days.  In those days my best friend and  I were in my bedroom, secretly choreographing dance moves and taking turns being back up singers with the microphone on my cassette player.  Now, I hear the song and know that the O’Jays were communicating a message of substantial significance.  As with most of my revelations, and as further evidence that ALL things are connected, I was reminded of the O’Jays’ song while reading  Everyday Grace by Marianne Williamson, in which she writes of the power of joining together.  She relates to us two stories, one involving a friend of hers who had a New Years Eve subway experience that was like no other, and her own reflection on her solitary experience that same day.  Both stories involved the narrators marveling at being granted a glimpse of what life is “supposed” to feel like.  My interpretation is that both stories involved “metaphorical “love trains”.  As I read, I was reminded of  times in my life when I was graced with that feeling.  One particular memory involves walking into a room full of strangers and being almost knocked unconscious by the weight of the air in that room.  Indeed, I had experienced particulates of such air before, but never with such mass or force.  The minute I stepped through the doorway I was filled with peace.  I felt love, like I had never felt love before, and acceptance, like I had never been granted before. The people in that room were a diverse set of personalities, with only individual connections to the one who lived there.  In “joining together” they were unleashing a power of considerable force.  Collectively, the sum of the parts equalled a feeling that still radiates in my memory 23 years later.   The memory is of what community is “supposed to feel like” what human connection is intended to feel like.  All day, every day, our 24/7  media informs us of the tragedies du jour, of the heinous acts committed by individuals in whom darkness has overshadowed their light, and of the terrors and wars that are perpetuated by groups of our brothers and sisters who are regular patrons of  the “hate trains”.  Less often ,we are gifted with a “good news” feature on someone who got on board the “love train” and is spreading peace, good will and compassion.  In Everyday Grace, Marianne Williamson writes ,”…our  problem is that hatred today is more energetic and active than love.”  Akin to how our physical bodies react when we are inactive, our souls, our spirits, react in much the same way when love is not “active”.  The message my menopausal body communicates to me these days is, “Get off your butt or it ain’t going to be pretty.”  The message Marianne Williamson seems to be relating to my soul is exactly the same. There needs to be a shift in our thinking.  We need to choose to get on that metaphorical “love train”, realize that we ARE all connected by a force more powerful than hate, and act with intention to give birth to little cells of “what life is supposed to feel like”.  As we each do that, our cells, will fill the spaces we inhabit (like all gas atoms do), which  will meld into the bigger spaces , which will meld into the bigger spaces, etc., etc.  So, say what you want, call me a hippie thinking, one-world liberal, but in the end, although paradoxically complicated, love IS the answer to everything.  It IS what will save our souls.  It is only love that matters and if we want a better life, a better community, a better world, we need to get on the O’Jays Love Train.

*click the link below to watch the vintage O’Jay Love Train video

Peace and Love to you!

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