Paths to Home


Today I watched a baby sea turtle traverse sandy dunes and ominous caverns of beach, two tiny flippers at a time, on his obstable course to home. I jumped up to move my beach towel and bag out of his way and grabbed my camera to capture his trek. (An interesting side note is that I don’t usually bring a camera when I come to the beach alone, but this morning I decided to.)  That 30 foot stretch of beach took the little guy a good 4-5 minutes, which relative to a sea turtle’s life span is just a blink of the eye.  Sea turtles live up to 80 years! Think about that!  Envision the treachery surrounding them in that big blue expanse of water!  Amazing!   We humans would  survive only hours or days at best.

As I observed him, I thought about how all creatures, including the human ones, have beacons of sorts, calling them to their home, to that life that is true, purposeful and authentic for them.   Some see their beacon shining brightly and others appear to navigate through  clouds and mist to perceive it.  Often danger lurks, like the approaching golden retriever or barricades such as my towel and bag.  Some barriers get removed by congenial outside forces, but others have to be met head on and overcome.  In the case of the the sea turtle,  I may have repositioned my towel and used my foot to quickly bulldoze large clumps of seaweed out of his path, but the ominous mountains and valleys of sand remained, for him to conquer on his own. 

I thought about how in our human lives we occasionaly need someone else to help us remove the barriers that detain and sidetrack us from living the full and true lives that we were intended to.  This sometimes occurs at times when we don’t even recognize the need.  Events  transpire that have embedded deep within them,  purposes deigned to release us from what we experience as our limits.  We may understand and welcome some of those events and wring our hands while cursing others.  We can ask why till the cows come home, but accepting and dealing with what comes often leads to a transparent hindsight, arriving not on our schedule, but on that of its own.
Of course we’re always free to take proactive measures to unclutter our field of vision, so that our true path, our true home can be recognized.  I spent much of yesterday intending to clear things out of my pedestrian pathway, to simplify and unclutter my field of vision.  I began with my email in-box.  I did quite a lot of unsubscribing, some prioritizing, and lots of deleting.  The effort was a success and I feel like I’ll have more time to do the things I claim not to have the time to do now, some of the things I feel called to do now, things that  feel true to my spirit, like writing.   

In Hawaiian culture the sea turtle (honu)  is a symbol of peace, good luck, and long life.  I saw the fact that I just happened to take the camera this morning, and just happened to witness the lone, left- behind sea turtle brave his way to the ocean, a sign for my own trek.  A sign on my spiritual trek that was letting me know that I’m walking in the right direction.

Peace and Love

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    • Thanks so much Lisa. Hope you’ll come back again. Also, check out an inspiring group of women at the website I’ll be a guest contributor there tomorrow, 7-17. Peace and Love

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