Intention and Action

So I’m whiling the day away on the world-wide web with the intention of discovering something inspiring, something to write about.  Even though I’m on vacation, I’m constantly thinking of ways to improve my classroom next year.  Improving my classroom of course begins with me, my methods, my management style , my attitude. Motivation, positive reinforcement, team spirit, and community have been the buzz words roaming the summertime empty halls of my mind.  Sports teams have traditions and rituals that are performed with almost superstitious zeal and fervor.  They touch a certain object or recite a certain phrase before their competitions.  Prior to our standardized test this year I made a banner and posted it above our classroom doorway.  It proclaimed, “All who enter here shall pass.”  The kids liked it so much that as I tore it down on the last day of school, I thought about putting another one up and leaving it there all year as a symbol of my/our intentions. 

Back to today, when I came across a website called .  There I read a blog by Malika Chopra, daughter of Deepak and she explained how her father taught her and her brother about the power of intention and how to create their own destiny(action required).  He had them start each day with a recitation, a prayer of sorts, in which they acknowledged their personal responsibility for all that they perceive, feel, receive and achieve.  They were taught to ask for specific things in their life, tangible and  non-tangible.  On the same website I also watched a video she posted of Jim Carrey (who knew he had such a deep thinking side?) speaking on the power of intention.  He began by saying that all things begin with intention and that spirituality is all about the relieving of suffering.  As a comedian he has most certainly relieved quite a bit of pain and suffering (even if only temporarily)  by causing us to laugh. Can you remember pain while rolling with a belly laugh?   But who knew that was a spiritual act?  Could every act be of the spirit?  Could every encounter of two souls be a sacred one?  Can stating our intentions help us realize them?  Before you tell me I’m sounding like I’m hawking used copies of The Secret, let me just state my own humble opinion .  It couldn’t possibly hurt.  Deepak doesn’t have all the answers.  We each have our own answers and that is what our spiritual trek is about.  That is what our education is about. So I WILL have that banner hanging above the classroom door all year.  I WILL be fanatical in my quest to get kids to believe in their own power to choose their own grades, their own path, their own futures, with intention and action.  I’ll be that crazy lady who makes them recite a class intention every day. (no prayers- I intend to remain employed and politically correct)  I do know that this alpha idea of mine will  include intentions to make good choices,(there is the action) and to be successful. Although we have all heard the idiom that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, I believe like with many sayings, there is a gap in context and translation, and that the road to Hell most certainly has an off ramp and a toll booth through which we can proceed by actually doing the work, taking the action.  There is no value in simply planning to do good if you don’t actually do it.

*I intended to write this for my education blog today but have since judged it as much about spirituality as it is about education, so it appears in both. 

Peace and Love

I’ve also attached ths link to a Nickleback video found in my wanderings today.  It gave me goosebumps , which led to my intention to share.

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2 Responses to Intention and Action

  1. Om Warrior says:

    Another great post…Jim Carrey is very aware of what’s going on. So many of the people at the top of Hollywood are living consciously…check out Will Smith for ex. ( or this (

    One last comment…I am so happy you are a teacher sharing all of this wonderful wisdom with children. That is where this is needed so much…Great work over there. Very thankful for what you are doing:)

    • Thanks so much for your comments and compliments. Also for the Will Smith link. I’ve always admired the way he & Jada appear to live their lives. I look forward to following your posts also.

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