In Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now, he talks about his metamorphosis into a person who learned to quiet his mind and experience a shift in consciousness enabling him to see the beauty, power and peace of the present moment.  In Eat, Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about being told “…If you could clear out that space in your head a little bit…”.  In Everyday Grace, Marianne Williamson advocates silence and meditation as the essentials for opening up your heart to the presence of  spirit, that which is God, which is love.  All three authors appear to be saying the same thing that I’ve wholeheartedly believed for as long as I can remember being a thinking adult (a period of time beginning way after my know-it-all, reckless adolescence) .  In order to hear that still, small ,voice that abides with each of us always, the one that is spirit, God, and love, you must have silence, you must be silent.   I believe our world is out of control with sky rocketing decibel levels and the desire to be entertained audio-visually every waking moment of our day.  Don’t misunderstand,  I’m not an anti-techno and in fact, will soon be the proud owner of the new I-phone.   I whole heartedly advocate the sanity saving automobile/portable  DVD player for those long trips with children, but I also fervently campaign for looking out the window and discussing what you see, or playing age-old observation/using- one’s- brain- required car games.  Audio-visual stimulation circa kid of the 60’s!  Most of us are way too plugged in to even imagine that the silence contains anything of substance.  Meditation is not easy!  But nothing of such exceptional value  is.  Thoughts and worries come screeching into the void you are desperately trying to create.  I’m too tired to meditate.  I should be doing this or that.  This is stupid.  (Well yes, it will be if you think that!)  You get the idea. The trick is to just keep putting that shield up, bounce them back out and start again.  Your meditative muscles, just like all of the other ones in our bodies, will gradually get stronger and the practice becomes easier.  In a chapter of Everyday Grace called, “Sacred  Silence Rights the Universe”, Marianne Williamson ponders what would happen to our world, if for one 24 hour period, every single human on the planet remained silent.  She writes, “We would at the end of that one day, have fundamentally altered the collective consciousness, and thus the destiny of the human race.  When enough of us learn how to become deeply and profoundly quiet, then the hysteria of the world will begin to subside.”  I think she has something there.  We can’t control the entire planet, but each of us can control our own little personal space, our hearts and minds.  We can create a modicum of serenity and consciousness that will in “butterfly effect” fashion, affect the entire world.  Think about it.  Peace and Love

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