The First Step

So, here I am world! I’m publicly writing about my seriously non-narcissistic self and the wonderful life I have. There’s your first clue.  I’m a “cup half-full ” person.  But hold on now, I’m also an “expect it to get worse before it gets better” person.  Thank you Dad!  So why is my blog called “This Pedestrian Life”?  When I revealed to my daughter that I was going to write about my own spiritual trek (and other topics) she said, “Mom, I’ve just never thought of you as a very spiritual person.”  “Well, that’s the point then, isn’t it ,” I thought.  I don’t “fit” your preconceived notion of what a “spiritual ” person looks like!  Others should never be the definers of who we are and I do think of myself as a spiritual person.  My problem comes with applying a religious label to myself.  I’m not a one size fits all, (one denomination, one organized sect, one rigid set of principles, etc.) kind of person.  Over the course of my life, I was baptized in a Baptist church, married in a Methodist, and converted to Presbyterian when married to a Presbyterian minister! (which I no longer am)  When people ask me now ( which they hardly ever do, but that’s a whole other essay) what religious preference I have, I smile and respond, “I like to think of myself as a pedestrian, walking with God.”   They usually walk away!  So there you have it.  Rest assured this blog is not about religion.  It’s about me, walking on a path, sometimes marked, but most often not,  just like everyone else on our planet.  In addition to being interested in my spirituality, I’m a daughter, sister, wife, aunt, mother of 2 adult children, a grandmother and a teacher.  To those who are still reading and willing to travel with me for a while, welcome and Namaste!

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