Advice From a Bluebird 

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Moonlight Shadows  

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The Lilies Lied

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Life’s Pain

A writer friend of mine recently posted a question about what the world would look like if we truly knew each other’s pain. Physical or mental, self made or uninvited, leaving visible scars or ghostly ashes, yours and mine, his and hers, whole lots of theirs.  For some of us the burdens are great, while others “seem” to go unscathed, bobbing from one body of water to the next, never gasping for breath. In truth no one is exempt. We each swim alone, learning as we go, often against the current of tides, high or low. For just this day, be someone’s life jacket, hook yourself to them as they soldier on. Be there. Walk beside them. Offer your ears to hear, your eyes to see, your hands to heal, your voice to speak. Give the gift of presence as hollow hours drag the weight of the world to one’s doorstep. Be the salve that soothes, the tonic that opens heart doors, the torch that lights the way.

Peace and Love


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Love’s Charlatan 

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After the Rain

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Day is Done

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Your Voice

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Ageless Love

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